Appellate Cases

Shaping Social Structure Beneficial To All

Appellate court work is not just about favorable outcomes for one client and one case. The significance of attorney Karen Celestino-Horseman’s work stretches out into communities – sometimes even beyond Indiana – where new case law helps foster valuable tools for new social constructs and legislation. It sounds abstract at first, but this is how societies evolve into better places for all citizens.

Not every attorney has the knowledge to craft concise written briefs paired with confident, articulate speaking ability. Because a case before the higher court will only focus on the legal principles in dispute, the appellate attorney must draft and present a meticulous argument. Some cases involve only a written brief, others will also involve oral arguments. Typically, each side has about 15 minutes to present their oral argument to the court. The attorney has to be ready to answer questions from the panel of judges on the spot.

Karen Celestino-Horseman draws from nearly 30 years of experience working in administrative hearings, state courts including the Indiana Supreme Court, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. She is highly skilled in post-judgment matters, civil litigation, criminal representation and post-conviction relief.

The Federal Court System Can Seem Like An Obstacle To Justice

When a court of appeals issues a decision, it is generally the final word on the matter. Sometimes, the court sends the case back to the trial court with specific issues to address. In other cases, parties may continue seeking justice and make a request to the U.S. Supreme Court to review the legal issue.

To some, all of these steps can seem more like a hindrance to justice, rather than serving justice. But with the right attorney who is fluent in the sophisticated court system and engages her research skills and speaking ability to champion your case, you can be confident that justice is not far away.

Contact An Attorney Who Builds Bridges In The Legal System

Appellate cases take time and intelligent effort. Karen Celestino-Horseman understands the full scale of knowledge required for approaching appellate work. While she does not guarantee an outcome for her clients, she has demonstrated that she has the breadth of experience for achieving favorable outcomes. Email the firm or call the Law Office of Karen Celestino-Horseman at 317-632-5633 to schedule an appointment.