Assertive Litigation Is Often The Key To Justice

Attorney Karen Celestino-Horseman has built a solid reputation in Indiana for her successful work in the state and federal judicial systems. Known as an intelligent, assertive litigator, she receives referrals from other attorneys because of her extensive experience in the appellate courts and state and state and federal courtrooms.

Ms. Celestino-Horseman’s practice of law is enriched by her experience outside the courtroom. In addition to being a former news reporter, she is a former presidential campaign spokesperson. She has also handled communications for  a Fortune 500 company and acted as press secretary for a gubernatorial campaign. Attorney Celestino-Horseman’s stellar communication skills are an integral part of crafting the structure and critical messages within the legal cases she develops for clients.

Attorney Karen Celestino-Horseman is committed to restoring justice in cases involving:

  • Federal and State appeals covering a broad range of law, including criminal cases, civil rights, commercial cases and family law cases
  • Civil litigation of all types including personal injury, business and wrongful death
  • Criminal offenses
  • Civil rights including LGBTQ rights, voting rights and Fourth and Eighth Amendment rights
  • Post-conviction relief

    Premier Legal Representation In State And Federal Courts

    Drawing from nearly 30 years of litigation experience, Ms. Celestino-Horseman dives deep and works hard for her clients who were denied proper jury instruction, who were denied a proper or speedy trial, or whose constitutional rights were violated by those acting under state laws, among other issues.

    Karen Celestino-Horseman has trial court experience in a myriad cases and appeals. She has argued civil and criminal cases to the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and the Indiana Supreme Court. She has prepared amicus briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Contact An Attorney Who Has Successfully Taken Hundreds Of Cases To Court

    Whether for a civil or a criminal case, look to Ms. Celestino-Horseman for confident leadership in the courtroom. Contact the Law Office of Karen Celestino-Horseman in Indianapolis or call 317-632-5633 to schedule a consultation.